10 Tips for Creating Healthy Sleep Habits - Sleep Expert Emma Purdue

My toddler Olivia is almost two and has just started waking in the way-too-early hours of the morning.

With our next baby due in three weeks I've been on the hunt for expert tips to establish a more manageable sleep routine for us all.

Today I came across this wonderfully succinct article today in the Little Treasures Magazine. 

Baby sleep expert Emma Purdue shares her 10 tips for creating healthy sleep habits:

  1. Be consistent. If you decide to do some sleep training, do at least three days before you change tack or give up.

  2. Get your baby cleared medically by your GP before starting any sleep training. Reflux, allergies or low weight gain will not help your baby learn to sleep well.

  3. Be calm, patient and confident. Your child looks to you to feel secure; if you worry, they will worry and they will cry more.

  4. Be prepared for small regressions. Creating healthy sleep habits will definitely be up and down this is normal so try not to feel discouraged.

  5. Try to make your baby’s sleep environment perfect. Not too bright or loud and distracting, not too hot or cold. These things will set you up for success, no matter how you get your baby to sleep.

  6. Get your partner on the same page as you – parents who disagree are inconsistent. Work out a plan you both agree on and how you can support each other through the plan.

  7. If you have a baby under four or five months then try swaddling them. They may prefer something cool and flexible like an ergoCocoon, or a firmer swaddle like a Miracle Blanket. These both protect against the startle reflex and are a really positive sleep association.

  8. Establish positive sleep associations like comforters, white noise, and a set of events before all sleeps.

  9. Ask for help! Friends, family or professional. You are not meant to do this on your own – grow your village and let them help you with your family.

  10. Most importantly, when it comes to sleep training don’t worry about what friends are doing. Do what feels right for your family and it will be the right thing for your child.

From the team here at Talented Tots we wish you happy and plentiful sleep!  If you'd like to talk to our teaching team about your child's sleep and get their personal tips and advise - please feel welcome to do so.

Best wishes!

You can read the original article and find more great articles by The Little Treasures Magazine by clicking on this link http://www.littletreasuresmag.co.nz/expert-advice-solving-sleep-problems/